Reflektioner om samhälle, yttrandefrihet & demokrati

Sveriges islamisering rullar på av sig själv

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Allah är den störste (Allahu akbar); intoneras fyra gånger.

Det finns ingen annan Gud än Allah (Ashhadu anna la ila ill Allah); intoneras två gånger.

Muhammed är Allahs profet (Ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasul Allah); intoneras två gånger.

Kom till bön (Hayya alas salah); intoneras två gånger.

Kom för frälsning (Hayya alal falah); intoneras två gånger.

Allah är den störste (Allahu akbar); intoneras två gånger.

Det finns ingen annan Gud än Allah (La ilah ill Allah); intoneras en gång.

LYSSNABöneutropets innehåll (03:03).

LÄS MERA av JUDITH BERGMAN på Gatestone Institute: Sweden: It's Fun to Build a Mosque om Sverige, böneutropen och moskén.

BÖNEUTROPEN som nu utbreder sig i hela Sverige är något helt annat än Svenska kyrkans klockringningar.

VARJE ADHAN från varje minaret är för islam ett lokalt klargörande om att det geografiska området är tillhörigt islam med allt vad det betyder...

Enkelt uttryckt Böneutropen är en manifestation av Islams herravälde över Sverige.


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Islamkännaren BARBARA KÖSTER skriver med oöverträffad klarhet och detalj vad som väntar oss om vi inte stoppar islam.

ALLA islam-okunniga och dito vurmare borde ta del av en artikel som är både läsvärd och pedagogiskt enkel.

Alla pratar om att islam är en del av Europa. Men islam är inte kompatibelt med demokratin. Det är ett lågvattenmärke att bara tänka att man kan leva sida vid sida.

LÄS här nedan om vad som fortfarande finns att köpa på ICA Maxi Stormarknad så specifikt som du aldrig hört förut. Från din hund, till din vinkällare, och till din homosexuella granne.

Rubrikerna nedan visar exempel på islam i praktiken.
För fullständigt innehåll se länken efter index.

To All House and Apartment Owners and Renters
You own real estate illegitimately. It rightfully belongs to the Muslims.

To All Female Singles
Marry as soon as possible or you will have to move in with your parents or uncles or siblings

To All Male Singles
You, too, should marry as soon as possible. Unmarried men are not well like

To All Homosexuals
You should know. The death penalty applies to you.

To All Married People
In Islamic law only marriage between man and woman is valid a man may have up to four wives

To All Fathers
In Islamic culture, childhood is not valued. Children have no rights. They are property.

To All Mothers
Raising children a task of the family & with yours as wife & mother, limited right to your children.

To Everyone With Dependents in Need of Care
Care is the responsibility of families. An Islamic community does not consider itself responsible...

To All Girls and Women Who Like Riding a Bike

Just watch the film Wadjda:

To All Dog Owners and Anyone Who Would Like a Dog
Dogs are impure and may not be kept in the house. Black dogs must be killed.

To All Vintners, Brewers, Distillers & Everyone Who Appreciates a Good Drop
Alcohol is forbidden. This includes a ban on displaying, selling and consuming.

To All Pig Farmers and Ham Processors
These foods are impure. Nothing about that will change. Your business has no future.

To All Vegetarians and Vegans
Your lifestyle is not welcome in Islamic culture. The Prophet said that people who eat no meat…

To All Lotto Players and Other Gamblers as Well as Promoters
Gambling is forbidden.

To All Employees of Insurance Companies
Insurance is regarded as gambling and therefore forbidden.

To All Bank Employees
You will learn Islamic banking.

To All Female Doctors and Nurses
You may only treat and care for girls and women. Women are people who look like women…

To All Doctors and (Male) Nurses
You may only deal with boys and men. Appearance is decisive here, too.

To All Barbers, Hair Stylists, … Male & Female Physiotherapists
You may serve only customers of your own gender.

To All Psychotherapists
Your profession comparatively exotic in Islamic culture… not invented by a Muslim

To All Church Functionaries
You are expected to be even more unobtrusive than you have been thus far

To All Monks and Nuns
Your class is forbidden in Islam. Monasteries/cloisters are not worthy of protection… In Islam

To All (Male) Judges
The existing judiciary will increasingly come under pressure. Law and justice are substantial…

To All Female Teachers, Pupils and Students
There is separation of the sexes in all courses. The course of study of the Islamic State…

To All Curators and Museum Visitors
There won’t be so much to display or see — statues are forbidden, as are pictures of people

To All Gallery Owners and Art Dealers
Maybe you could switch to Islamic art.

To All Musicians, Singers, Concertgoers and Music Dealers
Composers such as Bach, Händel, Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler, Schönberg are…

To All Dancers and Dance Enthusiasts
Ballet is un-Islamic. Dance is forbidden.

To All Athletes and Sports Fans
Sport is pagan. Olympic Games are idol worship…

To All Poets, Writers, Dramatists and Readers
Poetry is highly prized in Islamic culture, but subject to very explicit rules.

To All Fashion Designers
Style for women of the former Western type will only be tolerable in a familiar context…

To All Perfumiers
Alcohol is also rejected as a basis for perfumes. Learn to make perfumes from an oil basis

Finally, to All Men
The decadence of lacking the will to exert power over women is over.

…And to All Women
Because an emancipated woman goes to Hell, it is the duty of the community to preserve her from emancipation. True emancipation is modesty. Modesty is liberation. Prohibitions and paternalism are true emancipation.

The Author
Barbara Köster, who studied sociology and political science, is regarded as an expert on Islam. Her book: The Misunderstood Koran — why Islam must be founded all over again 

LÄNK till hela texten ovan: Gates of Vienna What Lies in Wait For Us, If We Do Not Stop Islam...

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ISLAM - Klargörande kort definition

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ISLAM - Klargörande kort definition


- diskriminering
- våld
- kvinnohat
- homofobi
- antisemitism
- förföljelse av kristna
- underkastelse
- tvångsäktenskap
- hedersmord
- totalitärt
- dödsstraff för apostater
- sharia
- djurlidande
- orättvist
- slaveri
- dödligt

ISLAM omfattar inte bara religionen islam utan också – och kanske framför allt – islamismens ideologi.

Per Ahlmark skrev i en DN-artikel om de tre ideologier som varit dominerande under senaste århundradet. Ideologierna i tur och ordning är kommunismen, sedan kom nationalsocialismen och nutidens förhärskande ideologi... är islam och islamismen.

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